First Love

Across the lab, I catch a shimmer

Of faded, purple-based red dyed hair

Scattered across soft cheeks and luscious lips

Then pulled back to avoid touching chemicals.

She’s one of the smart ones in the class

Way out of my league.

We could at least be friends, I think

I start to walk over, I’ll um…ask for a flask.

Her lab partner scoffs, “What do you want?”

“I uh…was wondering if you had an Erlenmeyer flask.

I can’t find mine,” is what I come up with.

“No, we’re using ours,” her lab partner rejects.

“Oh ok,” I resolve. Now what do I do?!

I ask a few other people so it looks like I actually needed it.

I reject them if they offer one.

After a few more, Good, they’ve forgotten about it.

Never again. You didn’t even stand a chance.

Just forget about her. But I couldn’t.

She didn’t even say anything. Was she just being nice?

Does she like me back? No, of course not.

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The boy with one inch boundaries

He owns the corner seat

Surrounded by friends.

He’s quite a social fellow as much as a high school boy can be.

His composure calm, cool, and connected to everyone around him.

He listens to them more than they’ve probably ever been listened to before.

They respond by making him popular, and he accepts this mantle willingly.

They all laugh now, but he quickly stifles.

He leaves on a good joke and walks out alone.

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The man with no tongue

The man with no tongue can’t scream as the one

Ignoble-man on horse gets away.

Descriptions are useless as no guard who chooses

To defy this royal will remain unslain.


The man with no tongue can still feel his lungs

As they heave and help him hum a song.

He scribbles the choruses, bars, lines, and lyrics—

His hands are so weak, but his heart is strong.

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