Rough Patch

Seems like I’ve been so focused on everything but you.

Never thought what joined together could be torn in two.

Scared for the future of an empty bedroom—without you.

So you think you found something more with someone more than me.

Til death do us part, or one signature sets you free.

Left thinking, “How could you?”—thinking, “How could this be?”

I just want 24 hours or even less if that’s too much to hold you close—

To lose you slow.

Before our courtesy sours, I want this night to be ours

Even if tomorrow, I have to let you go.


So, if you’re too gone to love me, don’t.

If you’ve seen too much to love me blind,

Can I use my hands to cover your eyes?

Just for one night, just for one night?

And if she’s too good to love me, fine.

If she’s too fine that you lost your mind,

Can you forget her and look into my eyes?

Just for one night, just for one night?


Here now, closest we’ve been is further than you can see.

Don’t wanna give it up, pour another drink so we

Can clear our minds of sobriety. Tell me how you really feel about me.

See now, was that so hard? Come and make love to me.

Drifting to dreams, I whisper, with your arms around me,

“Promise me you’ll never leave. Promise me you’ll stay asleep.

Never waking from this dream. Promise me we’ll stay asleep.”


Author’s Note: Inspired by “Just For One Night” by Blonde

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