The boy with one inch boundaries

He owns the corner seat

Surrounded by friends.

He’s quite a social fellow as much as a high school boy can be.

His composure calm, cool, and connected to everyone around him.

He listens to them more than they’ve probably ever been listened to before.

They respond by making him popular, and he accepts this mantle willingly.

They all laugh now, but he quickly stifles.

He leaves on a good joke and walks out alone.


He beams with confidence

Greeted by friends.

He walks the hallway with another group of friends.

Cliques mean nothing to him and dissolve when he appears.

Their steps are purposed and involved.

Each student is known by him as they support him with their presence.

They head to class, but he slips away.

Says he forgot something. Teachers understand.


He exudes leadership

Followed by friends.

He mounts the bus trailed by wannabes.

The eyes are on him, and fights cease for approval when he arrives.

He deliberates justly commanding respect.

The students offer him any seat willing to move to please him.

The best seats are his, but he sits in the back.

Gives him a better view and he sits alone.


He breathes patience

Left by friends.

Last on the bus is a common practice.

The bus driver asks him which station he wants played, and makes it a favorite on the radio.

He listens peacefully with a blissful smile.

The screech of the brakes at his house sets him into motion.

The driver starts a conversation, but he ends it.

Says he has work to do. The driver understands.


He prepares courage

Remembered by friends.

He opens the front door.

His family hellos him, asks him questions, and tasks him with chores.

He accepts them as he heads upstairs.

A few final thoughts worry him up faster.

They question his departure, but he sustains.

He says goodnight and locks the door.

He says goodbye and nothing more.


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