One Once Wondered

It’s been years since I did something productive

Enough for people to notice.

People move on faster than I

Can be motivated to move close to them.

The optimists call me dormant

Waiting for the right opportunity.

Those who know me call me stagnant

Not willing to take a risk.

I am the one once wondered.


When my hot streak ended and I cooled off

The fake ones left, all too quick—

Only in it for the thrill.

Those with stakes in my future stayed longer

They only left for better offers.

The last to go were the well-intentioned

Trying to measure, fix, or label—

I am their failed experiment.


Each left me parting gifts, severance packages.

I find kindred spirits within them now—

Thrown away, forgotten, left behind—

Fruitless fields, the penniless plenty,

Cave-ins and pitfalls as I fall apart.

Even nature withdraws itself fearing the worst—

I am the barren landscape.



I wonder

What would it take?

What would make them see?

How far would make them notice?

How much would make them pay attention?

I am now but a mountain waiting for its mustard seed.


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