20120225-Victim Opfer_in_Pompeji

The lava lurches leaking slowly in

Unshook by the eruption’s doom

We lie in wait of obsidian tomb

And as the magmous blanket tucks us in

I’ll cuddle you once more–

Once the eddies dry, when our bodies die

We’ll muddle through one mire.


One more muddled-mire more.

When more mercy might implore–

Results of my repentance

From last night’s affair-admittance

Left pleading on the floor appalled

At my own selfish sins recalled.

Can only imagine how much resolve

Your forgiveness would need to evolve.


Yet it does


And you decide to stay,

To jointly wallow in my decay

Because of a hope in our covenant

Shared now in consequence

Brought to life by your mercy.


So let the marching magma come

And seal our fate in stone!

For this bond will not be broken,

Nor a sorrow sack our home!

Forgiveness ruled this house today!

The forgiven forever replies–

Our trial by fire testifies–

“In truth, she chose to stay!”


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