I sit here at the peak

Awaiting the inevitable.

I put myself here

To keep others safe.


Self-effacement curdles in my stomach—I’m distraught

Unheard or maybe rattled

Unwanted maybe not.

I needed to be alone

To keep them safe.


True solitude is impossible if humanity is kept,

But distance serves as substitute

Distance helps them forget.

I needed to run away

To keep them safe.


Self-efficacy lost, I climbed in fear I might blow up

While still within their presence, I would stay hid because

No one ever looks up.

I could see and hear them—

They were safe.


I dropped a warning sign, a rumble, for those who grew to close

This sparked their preparation

And supplication a Dios.

I knew they wouldn’t leave me.

I couldn’t keep them safe.


Self-effusion started, I let out my magmous tears

But lava pooled around, they stayed. It seems

They were ready all these years.

Humbled by acceptance—

They kept me safe.


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