Long Suffering


In the core of my being,

Pressure builds.

I kept quiet

In the midst of the abuse—

Fever chills.


It started off simply.

Two down-to-earth souls with a dream.

Our dreams began to blow off steam.

The steams became too much for me.

Pressure builds.


I compromise, conform.

My mantle cracks—I start to melt.

It’s ok when it’s inside

Where maleficence resides.

Pressure builds.


I wither wills and boil.

Your stubborn statements never yield.

Your absolutes are bars of steel

I’m trapped within. I cannot win.

Pressure builds.


I simmer off slowly—

Short reactions, quips, and mumbles

Rumbles foreshadowing shattering

Retaliation long deserved consequences.

Patience yields.



Out of the core of my being,

Magma expels.

I can’t quiet

Anymore, so I diffuse—

Fire spills.


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