Author’s note: Lyrics and Vocals by Caleb Ramsier. Guitar and Recording by David Parker.

Verse 1:

Never felt this before.

Never been this close before.

Never spoken these words, felt all these hurts

Deep within my soul.

So, I’m taking advice

From all the nice guys:

Poets and Prophets, Reeducated Convicts,

To see what they know.


Cuz I’ve waited all my life.

Maybe for once I’ll get it right this time.



I don’t wanna mess this up.

I don’t wanna bring you down,

Whether our time together lasts forever, or not.

I want this to be remembered

As a time we both felt loved,

Cherished ev’ry moment, yeah we owned it, never forgot.

I wanna be your milestone.


Verse 2:

You’re changing my life

One touch at a time

The more that I’m feeling, the more that I’m needing you

I can’t let this go.

I won’t say I love you.

Until I know it’s true,

But it’s getting harder for me to get closer

While taking it slow.






We could be husband and wife,

And I’d thank God for what He’s done—

For sending me the one.

Or, we could say our goodbyes

And I’d still thank God for what He’s done

My hate is gone and love has won.

My heart’s still trying to work this out.


Chorus x2


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