There’s only so much content on the Internet.

There’s only so many text messages that can be sent.

There’s only so many phone calls and emails and TVs and computer screens.

There’s only so many technological obsessions you can repress with,

Clear your mind of, take another guess with,

Leaning forward, grab the remote, and press forget with.

Sometime you’re gonna have to face it.

Sometime you won’t be able to erase it.

Sometime you’re gonna have to race it.

You’ll chase it, lace up, bait switch, trying to save face when it

Gets out there, and everybody knows

How your little secret isn’t safe at home.

Cover it up, say a mistake, how could this happen, hearts start to break,

Or own up it.

Tell ‘em the truth about it.

Stand up, buck up,

Break loose from these chains around ya.

Give in to opening up.

Accept the fate you’ve kept tied up.

Pay it forward, this time’s a New Deal.

Whatever’s next it’s time to Be Real.


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