Ask me my opinion.

Listen to my reply.

I hear the revelries, regrets, promotions, complications, conversations, and complaining of distant crowds of cliques,

But I am not with them—

I am here

(Wherever this may be)

I am surrounded by the endless machinations, time-displacements, commiserations, and simply condensation of hundreds of my peers’ tears.

But, they don’t know me,

And I don’t know them—

And neither of us care.

I am made up of trillions of thought experiments, unique ideologies, perspectives, and tiny blobs of biology, called cells, with the access to better metaphors than I am willing to get.

Yet, the sum of my parts

All comes back to hovel,

And someone died for This?

Someone, be it your military, the dairy cow, your missing link, the proto-human, your 9-to-5 with benefits, your great-aunt Ruth, your lover, Mohammed, or Jesus Christ,

Wherever you find your hope of salvation,

They died for all of This.

They died for this fraying thread of insignificant How-are-you?-s, Just-fine.-s, and I’ll-pray-for-you.-s that we call community

So that we could be happy.

So that we could love each other.

So that we could put aside our differences and see that we’re all nothing alike and exactly the same on the same timeline of this alternate universe.

Yet just as they might have done

We look at it all and say,

“Ah, what a nice thought,”

And we put it on the basement shelf of our mind’s labyrinth where the Book of Sand, the Loch Ness Monster, and the Holy Grail are hidden.

It’s not that we don’t care, or

It’s not significant enough.

It’s just that we don’t care, and

It’s not significant enough.

The loneliest are the stubborn ones who wish for more than what can be offered, for if we don’t love ourselves and only focus on others who will be left to love us?

It’s only when we try to love

That the Truth is set free.

Science will never know why we cry, Nature will always resist how we try, and our Spirit will never know why we think we die.

Yet, still we will listen for the answer

Asking for any reply.


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